Can Bufí presides over a 26-hectare rectangular plot that climbs up to Puig de la Ruira, a 450-meter massif facing the Mediterranean Sea. Rehabilitated and surrounded by 4 hectares of vineyard, the manor house matches the Restaurant and the Hotel. Land of silence, in Can Bufí the clock succumbs to the slowness and the pause, to the admiration of the majestic landscape that surrounds the property.

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The entire farm has been done with the love, dedication and constant effort of the whole family. It is built thinking that everyone enjoy the most of the visit to Can Bufí.

The country estate dates back to 1257 and the Tarinas Family acquired it in 2014 when it began planting vines and began restoring the main house.



Do you want to taste our cuisine? Do you want to try the peace of our rooms? Or maybe you prefer to taste the estate's wine on the panoramic terrace while the sun goes down? Here we are to assist you.

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Ctra. de Tossa s/n.     |     Veïnat de Llobatera, 20.  17240   |    Llagostera

Ctra. de Tossa s/n.     |     Veïnat de Llobatera, 20.  17240   
Llagostera - España